"Bringing you a deeper understanding of your animal friend!"

~A bit about Amanda...



 Amanda has always had a soulful connection with animals. Choosing at the age of 4 to become a vegetarian, although living in a family of meat lovers, she has shared a deep bond with animals all of her life. From a very young age, she remembers talking with and hearing her own animals, as well as dogs and cats in her neighborhood.

Into adulthood her love for animals only grew. She went from vegetarian to vegan and volunteered for over 15 years with several animal rescues and animal rights groups.  

 A decade ago Amanda's soulmate dog was tragically and unexpectedly killed, causing her to search for answers, and ultimatly leading her to the path as an animal communicator.  She states  "I'm so blessed that because of the most painful experience in my life, I have found the most beautiful growth. I share an exceptionally deep connection with my dog Prince, who has become a very important teacher for me. And through his death, I have come to embrace my intuitive abilities. He now helps my students sharpen their own intuitive abilities by delivering strong messages during my workshops. Animals are such wise and wonderful teachers! There is no doubt working as an animal communicator is God's plan for me."

When she is not entwined in the Spiritual or rescue world, Amanda competes in National level bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness competitions. She feels that having a strong, healthy body is as important as a strong, healthy mind and soul. Being an ambassador for the vegan lifestyle is vital to her.



 Amanda's professional (metaphysical) training


  • 2008 Basic and Advanced Animal Communication Workshops and private mentoring with Rececca Moravac of Kindred Spirits 
  • 2008 Basic and Advanced Animal Communicaton Workshops with Dr. Kim Ogden
  • 2009 Charka and Intuitive Strengthening 16 week course at Joliet College
  • 2009 Reiki I, II and III Practitioner for Human and Animals Program taught by Rebecca Moravec
  • 2009 Essential Oil and Crystal Healing 6 week Course at Essence of Life in Joliet 
  • 2010 Quantum Jumping Course at Infinity Foundation 
  • 2010 Interspecies Communication by Penelope Smith at Saint Mary's Illinois
  • 2011 Advanced III Teaching, and Advanced VI Teacher Training with Penelope Smith in Prescott AZ
  • 2011 Shamanic Journeying and Past Life Regression 1 year Practitioner training through Kindred Spirits in Milwaukee WI
  • 2012 Pet Loss Grief Counselor Certification taught by Dr. Wallace Sife, New York
  • 2012 Communicating with All Life Mastery Course taught by Penelope Smith





  • Featured numerous times on the cover of THE SIGNAL a Los Angeles based newspaper
  •  Interviewed by THE ROOSTER magazine
  • Featured in several issues of EXTRAORDINARY HEALTH magazine
  • Her writing has been published in SPECIES LINK magazine
  • Interviewed by MSN UNLEASHED
  • Countless radio shows across the country.




Species Link Magazine
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Amanda quotes: "I'd like to give a special thank you to my dear friend, my mentor and now my guardian angel Catherine Hedges. She lost her battle to breast cancer in August of 2011. Although her physical body is gone, her spirit is alive and shining bright. She is my constant guide and helps me so much everyday. When I have an animal client facing death, I ask Catherine to help them on their journey into the Light. To read about the work she did while here on Earth, please CLICK HERE"

Below, a photo of Amanda and her darling dog Tyson.

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