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Basic Animal Communication, 8 hour course

Introduction to the essentials on how to get in touch with animals telepathically. In this one day workshop you will learn how to quiet and focus your mind to open the doors for communicating with animals. During this course classmates will speak with and convey messages from your animal companions and you will learn how to hear messages from animals in class. There will be a lot of validation making you feel comfortable communicating telepathically. By the end of this class, you will have communicated with numerous animals on your own and have the ability to always do so. It is an awakening and life altering experience.  $195 


Advanced Animal Communication, 3 day Workshop

Advanced 3 day course for students who have completed my basic class. In this intensive workshop we will explore deeper communication with your own animal companions, wild animals, nature and your Higher Self. You will practice opening your channel further to be able to receive what they communicate telepathically in thoughts, emotions, images, impressions, messages and physical feelings. You will work intensively with exercises designed to help you remove the blocks to deep communication with all life. $425 advanced registration required  

Metaphysical Basics, 8 hour course

A one day course covering the basics of Chakra Clearing, Essential Oils, Guided Meditations, Spirit Guides and Shamanic Journeying. You will meet and receive messages of healing and guidance from your Angels. $150

Private Classes available

Many people tell Amanda that they would love to attend the animal communication workshops but find it difficult to travel to California. Let her come to you!
Amanda has been conducting private workshops in the comfort of people’s homes, gardens and offices for 5 years.

Do you have eight friends (minimum) who are interested in learning animal communication? Do you want to spend a day with your friends, having fun while learning to communicate with animals? Do you have a room in your home, garden or an office that is able to accommodate you and your friends (minimum eight, maximum of fifteen) with minimal distraction?

Get in touch with Amanda to arrange a suitable date for an animal communication workshop in your own home.





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