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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly ~Proverb



 Facing an animal companions dying process and death may be one of the toughest things we will ever go through in our lifetime. Let Amanda help make this difficult time a little more comfortable for you and your beloved animal family. She can easily relay your animals' perspective on what they are experiencing and what you can do as their caregiver to ease their journey into the Afterlife.

Amanda states: "Communicating with animals that are nearing their passing and animals that have already passed is by far my favorite part of this work. I feel a very special connection with animals that are nearing their departure or are no longer in their physical form. I began my own Spiritual journey into animal communication when my best friend and beloved dog Prince suddenly and unexpectedly crossed over. Since that fateful day, most of my communications have been geared towards helping people deal with their grief over their own animals passing or helping people come to terms with the approaching issue of their animals death. I feel my communications with animals in spirit are stronger then any other communications I have, because they are so deeply heartfelt for me.

It brings me great joy and satisfaction to assist humans in finding the comfort and peace of mind, in knowing that death is not the end for dear animal friends; it may in fact be the beginning of a new and exciting journey for the two of them together.

 Read my own amazing and inspiring story of my dog Prince published in the Winter 2010 issue of Species Link Magazine. My story is titled "The Return of Prince."

Species Link Magazine Pages 6 through 8

Species Link Magazine
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