"Bringing you a deeper understanding of your animal friend!"

Amanda answers some of her most asked questions...

The most common question I get asked is: Since you are an animal communicator, your own animals must be really well behaved, right??

This question always makes me smile. Sure, they are well behaved, but they are by no means little robots following my every command. Just as a husband understands when you ask him to take out the trash, and teenagers understand when you tell them to be home at 9, they don't always abide by your requests Why? Because of free will! Animals too, have free will.

Although because I use training, compassion and compromise along with my communications, my animal family and I have an understanding of what is, and what isn't acceptable behavior, so they do behave pretty well. Most of the time, if you understand why your animal is acting out and misbehaving, and they in turn, understand why you are making requests that may seem unfair or unnatural to them, most behavior problems dissolve through communication and understanding.

How will our appointment take place if I live far away?

Telepathy transcends time and space, so distance is not a factor. In fact, 99% of my communications are at a distance and are relayed via phone appointment.

 Do you communicate with all types of animals?

Absolutely! I have never encountered an entire species that was not willing to communicate with me. Although, like humans, certain individuals are more willing to "talk" then others. Most animals however, are very happy to finally have someone willing to listen to them!

 Can you communicate with lost animals?

Yes, however communicating with a lost animal is difficult becuause the animal doesn't know where he/she is, so cannot often relay much information other then what it looks and smells like at that exact location. That information may be very vague (the dog is in a grassy area with a lot of trees, or the cat is in a living room, tan walls, brown furniture) that info may not help dramatically in locating your animal. It doesn't narrow down the street address, or help in finding the exact geographic location. I have however, had animals describe the area to a point it sounded familiar to their human family and it helped aide in bringing them home.

As the client, here is how to set up your appointment;

Start by simply sending me an email, and we can set up a date and time that works well for both of us. To prepare for the appointment, please compile a list of questions you would like me to ask your animal (don't share the questions with me ahead of time, just have them in front of you during our appointment.) Please send me a current photo preferably showing his/her eyes, along with your animals name, gender and age and the issue you need help with. (For example- my cat is peeing outside the litterbox or my dog is growling at me unexpectedly) That is all the info I need.

At the arranged day and time of our appointment, you will call me and the communication will take place. Please have a pen and paper ready, often a lot of information comes in, and it may be hard to remember all of it without taking notes.

All appointments must be paid in advance.

As the communicator, this is what I need to do a communication;

When I do a communication, I sit down alone in a quiet place;

usually in my meditating room at home or a peaceful place outdoors away from loud noises and distractions. I always start by asking Saint Francis and my Angels for guidance. I then relax my mind, set my intention to "talk" to a particular animal, and let the information flow in. All work is done in Love and Light, always asking for the highest good for all involved.
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