"Bringing you a deeper understanding of your animal friend!"

A book on animal reincarnation coming soon...




Amanda is excited to announce she is writing a book on reincarnation and would love to share the personal stories from her clients!                                           


Amanda: "The goal of the book is to help others dealing with the immense heartache of losing an animal companion. A book that takes readers from a place of hopeless grief to joy, excitment and healing; ultimately reuniting them with their departed animal friends. I want to assist people in understanding that death is not the end, in fact, it's often the beginning of a beautiful new journey togther. It's an incredible Spiritual transformation, a journey of love and growth. Reincarnation is about the love we have transferring from one form, to another." 








If you have an animal friend who has reincarnated, and you would like to share their story, or if you have received messages from an animal in the afterlife please submit your story to:







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