"Bringing you a deeper understanding of your animal friend!"

Having the opportunity to find out what your animal companion’s desires, feelings and attitudes are, can greatly enhance your relationship with each other and bring great peace, understanding and happiness into your life. This is an eye-opening experience and will forever alter the way you view your own animal friend, as well as all the animals of the world.

Behavior, Health and Deepening your bond

Behavior issues; Many times your animal friend is "acting out" and doing things that seem abnormal or out of control to you. This is quite often your animals way of getting a message across to you. Amanda can give you your animals point of view on their behavior and why they feel the need to "act out" or refuse to follow your rules.

Health concerns; Amanda is able to help in several ways... whether your animal is facing health problems and you want to see how they are feeling with the treatment they are receiving, or if you suspect your animal isn't feeling well and your vet couldn't find a physical problem. She will give you an understanding how your animal is feeling physically from their point of view and anything they believe will bring them comfort. DISCLOSURE: Animal communication is not a replacement for veterinary care or treatment.

Deepening your bond; Maybe you're just curious if your dog wants a different type of dog bed or if your cat is happy with her new diet. Or perhaps you would like to know if your furry friend has anything that they think will better their (or even your) life! Animals have their own unique views on the world, and they often

have some very insightful things to say. Getting their perspective on life and living can be quite interesting!

Amanda can help you...

~ Discover what your animal is thinking and feeling

~ Resolve fear or aggression issues with your animal

~ Work through behavior problems

~ Discuss any physical ailments with your animal

~ Help animals living in the same household to get along better

~ Assist with major life changes

~ Reconnect with animals in Spirit to see where/how they are

~ Ask animals in Spirit if they want to reincarnate

~ Deepen the bond you share with your animal

~ General input and check-in

At the end of every communication, Amanda always asks the animal if there is anything they would like to tell their human family, or any additional messages they wish to convey.

Artwork by Amanda Clark earthangelsart.blogspot.com/

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