"Bringing you a deeper understanding of your animal friend!"

"Bringing you a deeper understanding of your animal friend!"

Welcome and thank you so much for visiting.

It's not often that animals have a chance to have a voice, so when people contact me to communicate with their animal, I do everything I can to be sure our session is as clear and brings the utmost understanding possible. This work, animal communication, is my passion in life.

I hope to bring you a deeper understanding of your animal friend, the relationship you share and the issues you face. From mourning over the loss of a dear animal that has passed or why your kitten refuses to use the litter box, my goal is pure; to help bring more clarity, love and harmony for you and your animal, and to deepen the bonds within your human-animal family.

May your visit to my website today be the beginning of an exciting new journey of healing, growth and happiness for you and your animal companion!

~ With Love and Light, Amanda Riester- St. Francis

Amanda speaking with Hero of The Gentle Barn. In the background is Ellie Laks, founder of The Gentle Barn. 

Photos by Dan Watson courtesy of The Signal.com



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